Property and construction

Dive into the world of real estate and construction, where our multi-dimensional expertise shapes your projects.

Business and international trade

Specialist advice to help you with the day-to-day running of your business, whether it's administrative matters, reaching important milestones or managing litigation.

Conflicts are managed preventively and rationally.

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Taxation, customs and excise

Tax planning, management and structuring for your business or property projects. We offer practical solutions and can also assist you with litigation, both administrative and judicial. Our specialist lawyers can offer you practical solutions for tax adjustments and disputes with the authorities

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Property and construction

Cabinet 109 offers a full range of technical expertise for professionals and private individuals.

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Labour law and criminal employment law

Cabinet 109 is your legal partner in navigating the complexities of employment law and criminal employment law. Our team offers tailor-made solutions for managing dismissals, complying with labour standards, and securing labour relations.

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Private law

Handling everyday disputes, including neighbourhood troubles, interactions with the authorities, consumer law issues, employment law, and traffic offences such as speeding or drink-driving. We also offer support in family matters such as divorce, separation and partition.

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Cabinet 109 brings together a wide range of expertise in real estate, a crucial sector that is often considered one of the safest investments. We have expertise in a wide range of legal aspects relating to real estate, including property, insurance, the environment, urbanism and funding.

Our ability to integrate these various fields enables us to offer a holistic approach, which is essential for successfully navigating the complex and constantly evolving real estate sector. Whether you're a professional or an individual, our role as a full-service provider means we can offer you personalised, comprehensive solutions for all your property projects.


  • Liability of operators in the property sector.
  • Conflict prevention and resolution in client-architect relations


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