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Lawyers and entrepreneurs

Multidisciplinary legal advice for companies

At Cabinet 109, we are more than lawyers; we are partners in your business. We work alongside you, offering proactive, specialist advice in a range of areas, including the environment, urbanism, taxation, employment law and intellectual property.

Our multi-disciplinary expertise ensures quality support for a wide range of needs, from business start-ups to mergers and acquisitions, from day-to-day governance to strategic administrative decisions.

Dispute management

Dispute resolution: your strategic partner

Cabinet 109 is your ally in the effective management of disputes. We understand that disputes, whether internal or external, are inevitable, but can be managed effectively with swift and judicious intervention. Our approach favours mediation and amicable solutions, which are often less costly and more beneficial for all parties. Our approach favours mediation and amicable solutions, which are often less expensive and more profitable for all parties.

Packaged law

Law in Pack

Discover our exclusive "Law in Pack" service for an integrated, customised legal solution. This service gives you access to expert legal advice in a format tailored to your company's specific needs. For more information, please contact us directly.

Certified service provider

Benefit from the Walloon Region's support for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

Cabinet 109 makes it easier for SMEs to access Walloon legal subsidies.

As approved partners of the Walloon Region, we can help you obtain subsidies for legal advice, reducing your financial burden. SMEs can benefit from grants for business transfers (75%), business start-ups (80%) and business development (50%).


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